frequently asked questions

  • Are there any additional costs I should be aware of?

    The only additional costs involved will be the fee for preparing an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate), which is required by law, plus any additional certifications you may require if you are letting your property. A floorplan is also not included in our fixed fee, but can be arranged for you. We only work with companies offering a good and fair-priced service for our customers.

  • Is the price you quote the price I will actually pay?

    Yes, we offer a completely transparent pricing policy by telling you up-front what it will cost to sell or let your property.

  • What makes rhp different from standard estate agents?

    We are office-based instead of being on the high street. The savings we make from not having expensive premises are passed on to you, the customer, with our low, fixed fees. You will still receive the same level of service and expertise as you would expect from a standard agent but at a fraction of the cost.

  • When is your fee payable?

    Our fee is payable when your property is either sold or let.

  • Will you value my property for me?

    Yes, we are expert property valuers and have many years’ industry experience.

  • Will my home be listed on

    Yes all our properties are listed on

  • Do you list your properties on any other property portals?

    All our properties will be listed on,,, as well as

  • Will my property be advertised in the local property paper?

    Yes, we advertise our properties in the local Enfield Independent newspaper.

  • Will you produce a floorplan for my property?

    We don’t produce floorplans for our properties. However if this is something you would particularly like, we can arrange it for you at additional cost.

  • Will you arrange my EPC (energy performance certificate) for me?

    We will arrange your EPC on your behalf. We only use reputable companies and we ensure you get the best service for the best price. Please note that the EPC is not covered in your selling fee, and is a one-off payment of approx £65 + VAT (this may vary as prices change).

  • Are you members of any governing bodies?

    Yes, we are members of the main governing bodies. Rest assured, you are in very safe hands with rhp.

  • Will I be able to talk to someone if I want to, or are you an ‘internet-only’ agency?

    Yes, you can talk to us at any point – we are more than happy to talk to you over the telephone, or alternatively come in and see us.

  • Do you arrange all the viewings, and will you give me feedback on them?

    We will arrange all your viewings for you, and will certainly give you feedback once we have received it.

  • Is there a minimum contract period with rhp?

    There is no minimum contract period with rhp, we will market your property until it is either sold or let, or until you ask us to remove it from the market.

  • Will you restrict me to being sole agency, or can I instruct you along with another estate agent?

    We don’t insist upon being your sole agent, you are free to market your property with another agent/agents as well as rhp.

  • Where are you based, could I come and see you?

    We are office based in Enfield, North London. We have a walk in office, and clients are more than welcome to come and see us and talk property over a coffee!

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